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GZ-250 Vertical Machines

Vertical machine
Model No:

Description :

1. Vertical locking mold and vertical injection that is suitable for inlaying processing and place saving.
2. Fast closing mold and low pressure locking mold with auto-opening device in case of abormal operation.
3. Botton mold fixed and upper mold moving that is good for locating of processing parts.
4. Multisection temperature control and injection pressure that is good for application of various material.
5. Stepless adjusting the inject speed and pressure and screw rotate speed, which is for precise injection.

Specification :

1. Screw-pole distance: 110mm.
2. Screw-pole revolution: 0 - 205rpm.
3. Nozzle contact force: 2.6tons.
4. Nozzle action distance: 165mm.
5. Sections of tem-controller: 1 + 2.
6. Hopper capacity: 20L.
7. Mold locking strength: 30tons.
8. Mold opening strength: 6.5tons.