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China PET Blow Mold Machine Manufacturer

Find wide selection of PET Blow Mold Machines at Import and Export Trading Company, your most reliable manufacturer of blow mold machine. The machine features pneumatic-liquid linked preform-locking or mechanical preform-locking, pneumatic controlling systems, computer program controlling systems, frequency conversion governor, modular controllable silicon, precision compact and electronic controlling systems. We offer one-year warranty after the machine was set up. If the machine has problem in the time of warranty, we will repair the machine and change the componet for free. Also, we will send 1-2 technician to help the customer produce and train the machine operator to assure customer's technician master the PET blow mold technic.

CWZ-200ZH PET Blow Mold MachineCWZ-150Z PET Blow Mold Machines

CWZ-200ZH PET Blow Mold Machine

CWZ-150Z PET Blow Mold Machines

1. Mold thickness(min-max): 130-200mm.
2. Material: PET/ PP/ PC.
3. Opening stroke: 135mm.
4. Blow air pressure: 3.0mpa.
5. output: 600-1000 pc/ h.
6. Maximum volume of product: 3.0l.
7. Weight of the machine: 600kg.

1. Mold thickness (min-max): 130 - 200mm.
2. Material: PET/ PP/ PE.
3. Opening stroke: 135mm.
4. Blow air pressure: 3.0mpa.
5. Output: 800 - 1500pc/ h.
6. Maximum volume of product: 1.0l.