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Bottle Scramber
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Model No: YLP16

Description :

1. The main machine shapes like a barrel, with adjustable ground screws at the bottom to adjust the height and level of the machine.
2. An inner and an outer rotary barrel are positioned along the double-line bearings inside the main machine.
3. Every elevator bottles in distributor will be transported into air conveyor through starwheels.

Specification :

1. Outer canister, rotary canister and contact parts with bottles are made of S/S SUS304. Frames are welded with carbon steel of fine quality, with anti-rust treated and sprayed of surface
2. Body of canister is sealed, and kept with slight positive pressure to prevent dust.
3. Top of canister is equipped with removable cover, easy to maintain and clean.
4. Bottle stuck inspector is equipped to make the main machine to stop if there is bottle stuck
5. Equipped with oil filling port to lubricate the gears, bearings, and cams..
6. Main motor is famous brand of ABB.