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ZD-RJJ Shrinking Machine

Shirinking machine
Model No: ZD-RJJ

Description :

1. Advanced human-computer dialogue panel control technology is adopted, key electronic parts are all from world famous brand.
2. With quick and easy operation, the machine can be fixed to the producing line.
3. With particularly designed reamer plate in the range of specification. Reamer base do not need to be changed, only reamer needs to be changed. It is quick and convenient

Specification :

1. capacity:  24000BPH bottle diameter.
2. adjustable: 500ml, 5000-24000bph
3. label material: opp(≥0.038mm).
4. container material: PET.
5. lable sorts: single circle lable.
6. sticker sorts: hot melting sticker.
7. container diameter: 50-100mm
8 container height: 170-350mm
9. belt length: 3200mm
10. Voltage: 380±10%V
11. power:5.5kw