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YW500 Bottle Warmer

Bottle warmer
Model No: YW500      

Description :

1. Based on the advanced technology from Germany KRONES company, we develop this new type of bottle cooling-heating machine.
2. t mainly used for cleaning the out-wall water of PET bottles and easy for drying and labeling.
3. The machine made of good material and main machine and pipeline are all of AISI304 stainless steel.

Specification :

1. Max capacity: 22000 b/h ( Ø89 bottle size)
2. Dealing time: 10min.
3. Spraying  temperature: 35°C~45°C (  adjustable )
4. Outlet temperature: 30°C.
5. Total Power:    13.5KW.
6. Bottle height: ≤380mm.
7. Water consumption:  first boot: 3 m3/h, running:  0.8 m3/h.