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WSD-MB45T Film Wrapper

Film Wrapper
Model No: WSD-MB45T

Description :

1. Pecial-designed separating, that is wrapping and cutting machine is separated from double-cycle shrinking machine, two machines can be used at once or either one be used at once..
2. Cutting machine adopts advanced film constant-temperature technology to make sealing line clear and firm.
3. Shrinking machine adopts speed-regulating motor to perform speed-adjustment, it can meet shrinking requirement of wrappers in different specifications.
4. Infrared quartz pipes is adopted as heating pipe, it has good transmittance and insulation property with long endurance.
5. PLC control to perform automation in whole process and make it easy for change-over

Specification :

1. capacity:  45package/min

2. packing way: hot shrink film+paper splint

3. apply:
(1)glass bottle  PET bottle  can   Ø50~110mm
    (2) bottle height H70~360mm

4. product
(1)Length 200~530mm
(2)Width 110~350mm
(3)Height 70~360mm

5. film :
(4)inner diameter;76mm

6. paper splint
(1)material:corrugated paper
(2)dimesion:225mm*225mm (3*3 bottle/package)
(3)angle: 37.5degree
(5)outside pressure:150~200g/m2
(6)inside pressure:150~200g/m2.