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QCCN608018 Three In One Filling Machine

Three In One Filling Machine
Model No: QCGN608018

Description :

1. The Washer-Filler-Capper 3-in-1 Monobloc is made by absorbing advanced foreign technology.
2. Such as the washing nozzle is made by absorbing Italian PROCOMAC technology, filling nozzles by absorbing German KRONES technology, which featured by high filling precision, precise filling product level, less product loss and is much more suitable for high speed filling.
3. The capper is made by uses the technology of ZALKIN in France, most advance technology in the world, developed with the experience of asepsis filling machine.

Specification :

1. Capacity:22000BPH  (1000ml).
2. Rinsing head: 60
3. Filling head:  80.
4. Capping head:18.
5. bottle size:  neck: 50~110mm,  height:150-340mm,    350-2000ml.
6. power:     15.37kw.
7. rinsing water pressure:  0.25-0.3Mpa
8. filling temperature:  0~4°C.